Letter from Our Director

April 2018

Ask any high schooler to tell you about Clifton Hillegass and you’ll probably get a deer-in-the-headlights stare. But while they may not know his name, it’s likely they have benefited from his work.

Hillegass launched a series of literature study guides back in August 1958, giving a summary and analysis of 16 different works of William Shakespeare. Now expanded to more than 300 titles, Cliff’s Notes allows you to get a brief and concise synopsis of a long story without having to wade through all the details. Over the past 60 years, countless teenagers have written lots and lots of reports on books they haven’t actually read. (I’ll confess that I was one of them!)

You won’t find Jack and Frances Dedmon’s story in Cliff’s Notes but the details of their 35-year pastoral journey in Missouri and New Mexico could surely fill a book — or two! Their recent letter, however, provides a brief synopsis of their long and fruitful ministry across the years and summarizes well what Mission:Dignity means to them in this later season of life. I’ve included their note on the back of this page and I know you’ll enjoy reading it.

Thanks so much for being part of our Mission:Dignity family and for sharing generously this month. Nearly 1,800 deserving servants of the Lord, including Jack and Frances, benefit from your good work, and God is using you to write a happy and Christ-honoring ending to their stories of gospel faithfulness.

Grace and peace,

John Ambra 

John Ambra

Director of Development

Jack Dedmon's Letter

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