Letter from Our Director

July 2018

The tingling in my fingertips and the lack of strength in my right arm were signals that something wasn’t quite right. You shouldn’t feel pins and needles while holding a steering wheel and it just can’t be that much of a challenge to lift a detergent bottle onto the laundry shelf.

A visit to an orthopedic surgeon confirmed no rotator cuff damage in my shoulder so he referred me to a neurologist to see if there might be some insights. Following an MRI and some nerve testing, it was clear that I had spinal stenosis — a narrowing of the column that carries the spinal cord from my head bone to my tail bone. The affected spot was in my neck and the nerves running from there to my arm were being pinched. Fortunately, a couple of injections and a few months of physical therapy have worked wonders and the symptoms have subsided.

Louis Nicolosi knows what it means to face physical challenges. Not just the kinds that cause tingles but ones that mean you have to step down from working. After nearly 40 years of ministry with his wife, Charlotte, the Mississippi pastor was forced to retire. With just Social Security for their income, the Nicolosis depended on family members for additional help for several years. In March, their Southern Baptist family came alongside them with a grant from Mission:Dignity.

Louis NicolosiI have received my first “up” blessing and am extremely grateful for it. Because of this ministry, there will be a little more breathing room at the end of the month for us. In my dilemma, while praying for some type of help, the Holy Spirit evidently reminded me of having heard about this ministry years ago. When Tim Ruth of the Mississippi Baptist Convention verified my thinking, I just knew that God would bring it to its fruition. He did just that through you folks and the wonderful donors to this ministry. Without question, these good people are the backbone of your work and I do pray for God’s blessings upon each of them.

We join Louis and Charlotte in expressing our thanks for your generous gift this month. Because of your sensitivity and responsiveness to the needs of our aged ministers, workers and their widows who benefit from the program, these deserving brothers and sisters in Christ are better able to pay for food, utilities, prescriptions and so much more.

Helping them may not give you pins and needles, but that lift from your hands should give you a great feeling in your heart.

Thanks again for caring…and for sharing! I appreciate you!

Grace and peace,

John Ambra 

John Ambra

Director of Development

P.S. Mission:Dignity Sunday was June 24 on the SBC calendar, but if your church didn't have a chance to participate, you can still do so as the materials are undated and it's always a good time to share the Mission:Dignity story. Stop by our website at MDSunday.org and place an order. We'll have a Mission:Dignity Sunday kit with free bulletin inserts, a DVD and posters sent to you right away.

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